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                DIN high precision cold-drawn seamless steel pipe
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                Hydraulic system piping
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              [Hydraulic system piping]
              Product Description:

              Synopsis of process flow: using high quality raw material: ST35, ST37, ST37.4, ST2.4, cold draw, none oxidization heat treatment (NBK), none destructive inspection.
              Applicable standard: ISO8535-1(steel tubes for high pressure fuel pipe in compression ignition engine), ISO0404-1992(technical requirements for steel and steel product) ISO6892-1984(tensile testing for metal)
              Main features: high precision, excellent brightness, no oxidization scale, high cleanness inner surface, flushing the inner diameter, antirust oil painted. total impurity<1.5mg/m, maximum granule 8 degree(≤0.2mm), withdraw high pressure, no deformation after cold bending, the complicated geometrical forming and machining can be realized, color of the tube: gray with white. the tolerance for OD and ID:±0.05, quality inner surface: Qword pressure 2000 kilos, max testing pressure:6000 kilos without deformation, 180 bending digress without cracks.
              Main application:for high pressure fuel pipe in compression ignition engine, all technical requirements call reach the level of top international brand, be able to replace the imported tubes and reduce the cost for our customers.


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