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                DIN high precision cold-drawn seamless steel pipe
                High precision steel pipe
                High precision cold-rolled seamless steel pipe
                Hydraulic system piping
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              [DIN high precision seamless steel pipe]
              Product Description:

              Our raw material are high quality low carbon steel from Shanghai Baosteel Group. After pickling, cold-drawn, no oxidization heat treatment (NBK Status), nondestructive testing, the wall honing and inside flushing under high pressure, antirust oiling inside and outside surface then sealed with plastic caps on both ends.
              Our steel tubes are in high precision, good brightness and no oxidize residual substance in inner and outer surface and could withstand high pressure, no deformation after cold bending, no crack and break after flattening and flaring, with good mechanical property and no deformation after bending at any angle.
              Our steel tubes are widely used in hydraulic system, automobile and other occasion which with the high requirement of the precision, brightness, cleanness and mechanical properties. The Percentage elongation and the strength of steel pipe are extremely ideal.


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