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            2. 中文版 | ENGLISH
               PRODUCT CATALOG
                DIN high precision cold-drawn seamless steel pipe
                High precision steel pipe
                High precision cold-rolled seamless steel pipe
                Hydraulic system piping
                The product application
               CONTACT US
              ADD:No.78,Suntang village,Qinxin town,Wujin District,Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China
                  Current page:Job notice
              Changzhou Chengqi Steel Pipe Factory commitment to talents, common development, the principle of win-win cooperation, show to social invite applications for a job in accordance with the following conditions.

              Position:    salesmen Numbers:   No limit 
              Education degree:    College or University Degree Experience:   2 years
              Salary:    Personally discuss Date issued:   2014-8-5
              Specifications: 1, have good ideological and moral and ethics. 2, there must be at least 2 years working experience in foreign trade; 3, age under 35 one full year of life; 4, junior college or bachelor degree, master a foreign language; 5, proficient in professional knowledge related to import and export products;
                Contacter:Miss Zhou  TEL:0519-88358001  E-mail:Joanna@cqsteelpipe.com

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